nimmerklug (nimmerklug) wrote,

Нет нужды наркоту подбрасывать

В цивилизованном опчестве теперь при обыске подбрасывают не наркотики, а уличную грязь. И проще, и дешевле.

Bomb disposal teams were drafted in as a search of the house resulted in items being found that "require expert analysis", police said.

Dr Busby, 73, is said to keep radioactive samples at home including mud from around the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria.

Police said a 73-year-old local man has been detained under the explosives act and awaits questioning — although they would not confirm if this was Mr Busby.
Tags: обезьянник зла, просвещенные мореплаватели, рокировочка

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