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dear colleagues,

i have to be careful with my style and language here, because this is
cutting very close to the living nerve. in other words, i will be once
again accused of using "academia" to wield my political ax. the truth of
the matter is that i am a-political, and shift my political allegiance
based on the circumstances.

we are aware of the anti-intellectual and anti-academics remarks of the
prime minister and his entourage (by the way, the late rabin was not
much better, and this was commented on in this forum. peres is the only
one with aspirations in this respect). we are aware of the present
tactics of the minister of science, working on abolishing his
department. we know it will hurt all the "idlers" amongst us, i.e.,
those whose research is long range, basic and cannot show profits. on
the other hand, mr. netanyahu appears on international forums, claiming
israel is one of the cutting edge hi-tech countries, and come and invest
in us. the inconsistency is obvious, and the explanation is quite

with the influx of the immigration from russia, increasing our
population by about 10% (unheard of!), we imported much of the problems
which caused the soviet union to crumble in the first place. they lived
in a sewer political system, in a sewer economy which diverted all
resources to the cold war, where even positive steps were motivated by
this ideology of overpowering the imperialists in the west. no wonder
that we imported their sewage medicine, and sewage technology. i am not
against the dear people that came to us, per se, and i know as well as
the next person how important this immigration was for us. but the facts
are facts: most of the immigrants who came from an academic background,
medical doctors, scientists of all kinds and engineers, had to transfer
to other occupations. it is sad that so many physicians became physio-
therapists, and a multitude of scientists and engineers became computer
programmers. those are the lucky ones that did not end up in the
municipality garbage collection unit.

many people confuse computer programming skills with science or
technology. the truth is that it is the closest modern equivalent to
carpet weaving, and it is not surprising that china and south asia are
slowly becoming the world centers of this techno-sewage. the day is near
when all the techno-sewage promoted in our engineering departments will
be exposed for what it really is, and the pseudo hi-tech lauded by our
politicians will be bankrupt, because we are not able to compete with
the cheap labor in south asia, and because meanwhile others will have
invented more automated programming tools than visual C/C++ (some of us
still remember the "geniuses" who could program directly in machine

and so, on our way to becoming a third world techno-sewage, we will end
up with inadequate tertiary education and defunct universities. and
there is very little, practically nothing, we can do about it. how sad.


Увы, кто такой Дани я уже не помню, но его точка зрения по прежнему торжествует в Израиле среди интилихтуалов-аншкеназов, не знающих разницы между прописной и строчной буквами и греет сердце придерживающимся лозунга "Так нам совкам и надо!" холуям.



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